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There's no faking family at Woods.

Larry Woods started small in 1974, working alongside his crews day in and day out. Though our family has grown over the years, you'll still find Larry and his sons, Chad and Chris operating equipment, shoveling tracks, and spending time with our people.

No responsibility is too dirty or too low for even the highest level of leadership and it's no accident that we've kept it that way.

Our purpose at Woods is to take care of our ever growing family. We believe that happy clients, bigger projects, and a larger footprint aren't any one person's responsibility, but instead a byproduct of our entire family's hard work.

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We've been around for a few years.

In 1974, Larry Woods decided to re-start his father's construction business focusing heavily on railroads, commercial pads, oilfield pads, and highway work.

Over the years, we served the Union Pacific Railroad as an on call contractor, built many school sites and sports fields, and made our way into the mining world.

In 2001, Chris Woods joined the family business followed by his brother, Chad in 2015. Larry's sons have been instrumental in Wood's success serving the mining industry across the United States with Contract Mining, Overburden Removal, Reclamation, and New Plant Construction.

We own a competitive size fleet with 80-ton excavators, 45-ton hauls trucks, a fleet of dozers, and other support equipment to be able to handle any job at a short moments notice.

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Check out our video to see a quick day in the life of a Woods Dirt Contractor.

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