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Every company has different opinions on people.
At Woods, our people are not assets, they are our strength.
Our desire is help people succeed, even if it costs us time, money, and energy. We believe that there is no end to the benefit our teams and our company experience when individuals are satisfied when they leave work and are given the opportunity to grow when they show up.

Don't believe it? Just ask one of our people.

Woods Dirt Contractors (Project #1)-175.
Woods Dirt Contractors (Project #1)-223.


Check out our video to see a quick day in the life of a Woods Dirt Contractor.


Our teams usually consist of haul truck drivers, dozer hands, superintendents, and excavator operators, operating almost exclusively in the field. Our highest levels of leadership spend time slinging dirt, shoveling tracks, and working on site.


No fancy back office.

If you prefer to be far removed from the action, we're not the team for you. However, if you love to take action, work with good people, and know your leadership has your back, we might just be the right fit.

Woods Dirt Contractors (Project #1)-258.
Woods Dirt Contractors (Project #1)-103.
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